CIF is a program to visualize crystallographics *.cif files

CIF is a program to visualize CIF files from experiments generated in ShelX or from different databases like the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database, CCDC, or Crystallography Open Database. This is still a beta version, but it already has several modes of molecule and crystal presentations. The program allows the measurement of distances, angles, and torsion angles between molecules. It is possible to change the number of presented unit cells in the x, y, and z directions, and it supports all 230 space groups. For photos, the program supports different background colors. It can also find hydrogen bonds.

You can find it in the Google Play Store for Android. This application requires access to the memory and doesn’t collect any user data.

The CIF app does not use, collect, or process any user data. The cif program needs access to files in the device memory and memory card for reading only *.cif files. These files contain crystal structure information that is used to create 3D presentations.

Source code of CIF program is here.